Security questions Just got a popup window that locked my phone (computer) with a page saying that I was being accused of c hild pornography (or some other warning) and I had to pay a fine to unblock it, what can I do? Most of all, your phone (computer) was infected with The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance virus, a ransomware attack that attempts to trick computer or mobile device users that they are in a serious legal trouble for breaking the law online, and must quickly pay a fine to stop any further fines and possible legal trouble. Our site has nothing to do with that virus. To read more about it and to get tips of getting rid of the virus you can at /> Abuses My copyrighted content is posted on sarafan-info.ru. I want it to be removed, please. You need to send us a request with the direct link to your content (for example //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/videos/3175655/cruising-in-the-woods3/) Movie with me was uploaded by someone on your resource. I kindly ask you to remove it, because my life can be ruined. You need to send us the direct link to the content (like //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/videos/3175655/cruising-in-the-woods3/) in order to get it removed. You have illegal content (rape, zoo, cp) on sarafan-info.ru, please remove it immediately. We kindly ask you to send us the direct url of the movie or picture (like //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/videos/3175655/cruising-in-the-woods3/) and we’ll remove it. Basic Questions Is your resource FREE? Yes, sarafan-info.ru is a totally free site. How videos can be downloaded? Just create your account and log in. There was a video deleted from my favorites, what happened? An uploader or a moderator could delete it because of abuse or for some other reasons. How to delete my account? If you want your account to be removed, log into the account and on the page "Edit My Profile" agree with the account's removing, then click on the "send" button - withing 24 hours it will be removed. Pop-unders annoy me very much. How to get rid of them on this site? Become a regular user signing up for a account that is absolutely free following this link //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/signup.php and then just stay logged in. You won’t see any pop-unders thus. Technical Questions How the password can be retrieved? Go to //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/signup.php?action=restore_password to retrieve your password. How to get my username if I’ve forgot it? Go to //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/signup.php?action=restore_password in order to get username and password. Can my username be changed if I want it? No, it can’t. If for some reason you want another username you must register once again with another e-mail. I haven’t got an activation link. Can I get it resent? a) No, it can’t. If for some reason you want another username you must register once again with another e-mail.
b) Also your e-mail provider could block the e-mail as it contains the url - try to use another e-mail provider during the registration process.
c) Please fill the form //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/signup.php?action=restore_password for resend the activation link.
There is a problem with login. My password doesn’t work. Perhaps your cookies are turned off. Try to turn on the cookies. Password change link does not work. a) Sometimes you can get the notification that the url is invalid but also notice that you are already logged in. Then just ignore the notification and use the new password in the future. b) Also the cookies can be turned off. Turn on the cookies. How to enable cookies? Read the following article: I get an error: Verification code is not valid. Perhaps the cookies are turned off. Turn on the cookies. How to watch videos? You need to have the Flash-Plugin Version 9 or higher installed for our Player to work correctly. The latest version can be and installed, then your browser must be restarted. You are highly recommended to use . What can be the reason that the movie keeps stopping while playing? The reason may be your connection speed. It must be 600+kbps speed to watch all videos properly. Also a server can be overloaded on our side. We are constantly working to keep our servers as fast as it’s possible. I am not able to load a video. a) Your ip address could be blocked by the system - notify the support and we’ll find the way to resolve the problem. b) It may happen that your computer has incorrect time. There is no sound, what’s wrong? First of all check if sound button is not muted. Also please read the following article: to fix the problem. How the video can be removed from my favorites? Go to: //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/favourites/ ->Favourite Videos and click on the "Basket" sign on the video to remove it How the album can be deleted from my favorites? Go to: //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/favourites/ ->Favourite Albums and click on the "Basket" sign on the Album to remove it How can I watch Private albums and videos of a member? Only friends of a member get access to his Private albums and videos How can I become a friend of a member? In the profile of a member you want to be your friend click on the "Add to Friends" and send the member an invitation. What is Subscriptions? Subscriptions mean that you can subscribe for any member of our website and get all his updates like videos and photos uploaded. What does "Watch Later" mean? "Watch later" option allows you to add videos and videos to your list and to watch them later when you will be comfortable to do that. Why do I need "Add to Playlist" option? With this option you can create your own playlist of the videos you like and watch them all in one place whenever you want. What is "Live Sex" section for? In this section you can enjoy webcam chatting with tons of sexy models. Uploads How my avatar can be uploaded? Your main photo (avatar) can be uploaded at //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/my_profile_edit/ How to add a picture into "My Photo Albums" section of my profile? Go to: //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/my_album_upload/ and follow instruction. When my uploaded video will be up? As a rule, it takes a few hours or longer as your video needs to be converted. We ask you to be patient. What’s the reason that my video/photo deleted? All videos and photos that violate our terms are removed by us. Please, DON’T upload:
- Copyrighted videos/photos or videos/photos you haven't rights to post
- Watermarked videos/photos (people don't like them)
- Videos/photos with shitting, pissing, pooping etc
- Videos /photos involving animals
- Videos/photos that involve underaged persons, also videos/photos with persons looking young (even if they are 18+ but look like they are younger)
- Videos/photos with violence (rape or something that looks like rape)
- Incest videos/photos or videos/photos with incest-styled titles
- Videos/photos of a very bad quality.

Also reposts and broken files (where was error with conversion) are removed. Is there a way to restore the movies / pictures / stories / blog posts that were deleted by me? Nope, the only way to restore them is to upload them from your hard drive once again. How to delete my video? Your video can be deleted by going to: //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/my_uploaded_videos/ ->Delete How to delete my pictures? Your picture can be deleted by going to: //sarafan-info.ru/1pornxxx/my_uploaded_albums/ ->Delete